Meet Gabriel Cummings, IFPN Housing Intern

Gabriel I’m pleased to introduce to you Gabriel Cummings, Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN) Housing Intern at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic. Gabriel was born in Carmel, Indiana but was raised out in Los Angeles, California for most of his life. Butler University brought Gabriel back to Indiana where he graduated last month with a degree in Political Science and Peace & Conflict Studies. At Butler, Gabriel was involved with service learning and worked for a year with Kaleidoscope Youth Center where he tutored students, led various activities and helped with Boy Scouts.

When I asked Gabriel what drew him to do an internship at the Clinic he said he was ” drawn to the whole premise of what the Clinic does. The Clinic helps people and deeply cares about their clients.” Gabriel got to experience the Clinic through our IFPN ย Program where he assisted with the creation of the Clinic’s new Financial Literacy workshop called “Building Wealth”; he also helped with the IFPN client workshops and lessened the load on our IFPN staff by assisting with database entry and filing.

According to Gabriel, “Social justice is an integral part of society that is often overlooked. Everyone should have access to resources and rights equally, but they should also be made aware of what their rights are and whether or not they do have equal access to them.” GabGabriel riel is passionate about helping others and he’s particularly concerned with the educational aspects of social justice, “Not everyone knows what their rights are and we should all have access to this knowledge through education.”

Gabriel volunteers because it gives him the opportunity to give back while also expanding his knowledge and experience of the world. “It also helps me connect with the community in which I live.”

When I asked Gabriel what he liked about doing volunteer work at the Clinic he said, “When you come to the Clinic, you can tell that the work being done is more than just a job to the staff — everyone is passionate with what they do and the services the Clinic provides.”
Gabriel learned much in his internship during the spring semester and was happy to stay on six extra weeks into the summer break before he moves back to California in July. Gabriel plans to join the service after some time back home in Los Angeles. He hopes that through serving his country he can also expand his knowledge of the law and become an attorney for the Navy. Gabriel is ambitious, energetic and has had a powerful impact as an intern at the Clinic.

Thanks for all your hard work and passion, Gabriel. We will miss you and wish you well with your journeys ahead.

Erin Hougland


Volunteer Coordinator

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