Client Stories: Meet Adolfo*

3378_001Adolfo first came to the United States in 2008, determined to secure a better life for himself and for his family. One day, as he was on his way home, he noticed a woman by the side of the road. Her car had broken down and she was waving for assistance. Immediately, Adolfo stopped to see how he could help. But when he approached the woman’s car, a man jumped out of the vehicle holding a gun. The man proceeded to assault Adolfo. He knocked Adolfo’s teeth out, and stole everything of value off of his person, and then left Adolfo for dead on the side of the road. In an instant, this Good Samaritan had become the victim of a horrific crime. Now it was he who needed someone to help him.

Fortunately, Adolfo soon learned that Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic might be able to assist him. As we work to secure immigration relief on his behalf, Adolfo remains fixed on the gracious promises of God. In fact, during most of his visits to the office, Adolfo reminds our staff, “God loves us and we are not invisible to him.” Despite everything that has happened, Adolfo holds his faith dear.

Though his case is still in process, Adolfo believes God’s generosity led him to our doors. Rather than focus on what was taken from him, Adolfo instead cultivates gratitude. This manifests itself in the form of generosity, which flows through every interaction he has with our staff. For example, when he first realized that our legal services were free, Adolfo sought a way to give back to the Clinic. And so he began to bring mountains of fruit to the office—fresh watermelon, pineapple, grapes, and strawberries—enough to feed all 36 of our employees! Perhaps this seems like a small gesture, but generosity is not a solitary action or a single written check. Generosity begets itself. It is a way of life and a direct consequence of intimacy with God—a fact that Adolfo exemplifies with fervor.

*Name has been changed.

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