Adios, April!

April in PhotosThis rainy month of April we spent time ruminating on how our faith compels us to acts of compassion. In lock-step with this theme, the Clinic’s semiannual Refugee Adjustment Day* took place on April 25th. On that day, 24 volunteers from College Park Church (as part of their annual SERVE day), plus 9 additional volunteer attorneys, worked with our staff to help 62 immigrants apply for Legal Permanent Residence. All in one day!

As we move into May, please consider with us how your compassion might be convicting you to act in and on behalf of your community. And be sure to check back in on Monday, when Executive Director Chris PurnellΒ will introduce the new theme for the month of May!

Adios, April! May your lessons in compassion and service guide us every day.

* Refugee Adjustment Day photos courtesy of Sarah Shields