June, Gone Too Soon!

June in Photos


This month we contemplated the idea of “Refuge”: Refuge from domestic abuse and sex trafficking, refuge in our country for immigrants, as well as the refuge of a home through the assistance of organizations like Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership. We also asked you to follow us on Instagram @NCLegalClinic and submit photos that embody the term “Refuge” to you using the hashtags #Refuge #MyClinicStory #StoriesOfJustice. In the past few weeks, we have received lovely contributions, some of which can be seen in the collage above, by people like Raina Armbruster, Emily Yarman, Seth Utter, and Angie Simmons.

The winner of this photo contest will be announced tomorrow on our various social media sites!

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, this blog will wrestle with the idea of “Freedom.” Please check back in on Monday when Executive Director Chris Purnell shares his thoughts on this complex theme.

Goodbye, June! You’re gone too soon!

*”Holy Cross at Sunrise” photo by Sean MacEntee: http://goo.gl/3t7uC4