See You Later, September!


September in Photos

This month was one of our busiest of the year. Between Justice For All celebration preparations, various CLEs and trainings, and UVisa Day there was barely a free second for our staff. However, our theme for this past month has also been Renewal and so even in the midst of the craziness, we took time to reflect on what it means to be renewed in all the different areas of our life and work.

If you were unable to attend JFA on September 23rd at the Westin Downtown, you can still see the fun photos above in this month’s collage. You can also watch the video that we premiered at the end of the event and that tells the story of three different clients and the attorneys and staff who worked with them.

We hope that at the beginning of your busy autumn, you are also able to take moments to refresh, reflect, and renew. Check back in with us this coming Monday when Executive Director Chris Purnell introduces our theme for the month of October: Joy.

See you later, September!

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