Sayonara, November!

November in PhotosFor Americans, the month of November brings with it the reminder to take notice of the blessings in our lives and to be grateful for them. This November was no different. At the Clinic, we took stock of things like amazing partnerships with organizations like Shepherd Community Center, a group that is fighting to end generational poverty on the near Eastside of Indianapolis every single day.

We also reflected on current events happening in our world and in our country, and our Executive Director Chris Purnell shared his thoughts on what it means to respond to them in a way that brings glory to Christ.

Earlier this week was Giving Tuesday, which takes place the Tuesday after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During this day, people choose their favorite charities and donate money to help others and to give back. If you didn’t have the chance to donate to the Legal Clinic during this time, but would still like to give someone the gift of Justice, please visit our website. We are so grateful for every dollar.

This coming Monday, Chris Purnell will be inviting our entire community to join us in a new project and video series that will premiere later this month. To learn more, check back in with the Hearts4Justice blog on December 7th, 2015!

We pray you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones. As we enter this season of Advent, may the Lord fill you with renewed hope.

Sayonara, November!

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