Abundant Year, Abundant Life

2015 in Photos

Happy New Year! Above is a look back at the Clinic’s 2015–an abundant year filled with abundant life!

But now, we look forward to 2016 and the many joys and challenges it will bring, setting our sights on Christ to guide us through the coming year.

As highlighted in our recent video series, the Clinic is launching a new Homeless Youth Justice Program in Partnership with Outreach, Inc., which will allow us to provide legal services to one of Indianapolis’ most vulnerable, and often-underserved populations.Β 

This blog will also go through some exciting changes in the coming year. We will start by honing in on the many different facets of the Lord’s Abundance. This January, we’re thankful for Abundant Life.

Join us next month as we focus on Abundant Love and as we launch our first-ever podcast!

Also, we are interested in receiving more feedback from you, our partners and neighbors in this community. Please comment below telling us the kind of content you would like to see in our podcast, in our future blog posts, and in our social media posts! What do you want to know about the Clinic, this city, and the people that we serve?Β We want your feedback!

Thank you so much for journeying with us through 2015–we truly hope you’ll help us make 2016 an even better year! Check back in on Monday, January 18th, when Executive Director Chris Purnell ushers in the New Year with a special message.

And in the meantime, may the Lord bless each of you most abundantly!

2 replies

  1. Thank you for all you do. Some of the basics are often helpful – why is there a lack of access to justice – doesn’t everyone get a free atty who can’t afford one? A look at poverty since most people don’t understand who the poor are – you are starting the new homeless clinic and that is an area people really don’t understand. Pulling in local stats, stories and Scripture are powerful ways to help people better love their neighbor. Keep up the great work, I look forward to following.

    • Thanks so much for the suggestions! We’ll be sure to take them into consideration as we prepare our posts and podcasts! Is there any person you’d especially like for us to interview? Chris will be the star of the first podcast, but we would like to interview some other Indianapolis folks too! Also, if you haven’t had a chance to do so already, I would recommend watching our video series (linked in the post above) to learn more about homelessness in Indianapolis and what we’re hoping to do with the new homeless youth program.