Bye-Bye, January!

January in PhotosJanuary was a busy month here at the Clinic.  As we started the new year, we welcomed two new staff members and held a training for volunteer intake attorneys.  We also held our first coffee shop “meet-up,” a new monthly event where volunteers and donors have the chance to meet casually with Clinic staff members to learn about new initiatives at the Clinic.  We also found out that we were once again selected to participate in Brackets for Good, a fundraising competition based on March Madness.

In the middle of all that activity, though, we knew it was important to pause and take some time to reflect.  Our theme for 2016 is abundance, and this month we explored the idea of abundant life.  In his post, Executive Director Chris Purnell explored how our New Year’s resolutions are connected to our longing for something greater.  Later, we saw this theme reflected in one father’s attempts to reunite with his daughter.

Keep reading the blog to find out what our February theme is and to continue to hear stories about how the Clinic, with volunteers and donors like you, is giving more families access to justice.