Farewell, February!

February in Photos
This month, we got to spend some time looking through notes from clients and being grateful for all of the love that our supporters have shown to us and the people we serve throughout the year. We also learned more about our Immigrant Justice Program, as well as about one of our most committed volunteers, Art Johnson.

Right now, we’re in the midst of the first round of Brackets For Good and we need your support more than ever to make it to the Round of 32! If you’re able to support us, please visit our donation page–every single dollar really does count!

We’ve got some exciting things coming up for the rest of Brackets for Good and for the month of March. Be sure to check in with the blog next week when we release the first episode of the Clinic’s new podcast, Courting Justice! If you have legal questions or thoughts on things you’d like to learn more about, please follow us on Twitter @NCLegalClinic and use the hashtag #CourtingJustice to send us your comments and questions!

We’ll see you next year, February!