Adios, March!

March in Photos

March was an extremely busy for the Clinic! We were blessed with the chance to compete in Brackets For Good again, and because of our amazing supporters, we were able to raise nearly $20,000 in just two weeks for free legal services for our low-income neighbors! Additionally, we learned more about the importance of donations and how the Clinic seeks and utilizes these very necessary funds.

We also released Episode 1 of our new podcast Courting Justice. Be sure to subscribe to Courting Justice on iTunes now and tweet us your legal questions @NCLegalClinic #CourtingJustice! We truly want to hear from you and to answer legal questions you might have!

This month, we held a Naturalization Day event, where volunteers and Clinic staff worked to help over 50 people complete their citizenship paperwork for USCIS. We introduced readers to our brand-new Homeless Youth Justice Program and our partnership with Outreach, Inc. And newest Housing Counselor Crystal Wooden shared her unique storyย as a client-turned-staff-member.

Be sure to check back in next week, when we have a special post from Executive Director Chris Purnell!

Adios, March!