Justice for All Gala 2016 Video

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our Justice for All gala 2016! We had record attendance with over 300 people coming to the event–our biggest JFA ever! Because of you, even more of our low-income neighbors will have access to justice. If you were unable to attend, above is a video we shared during the event.

The video highlights three different clients from three different programs who came to the Clinic seeking assistance. One of those clients, Brenda Muzzah, needed immigration help and ultimately received her citizenship. “You listened to God’s voice, and you said, ‘Yes,’ to helping others and not to material things,” she says. “Because material things, we may have them today and they’re gone tomorrow. But helping someone like me–I’ll never forget it.”

Our main JFA speaker, Bob Goff, reminded our guests of the importance of putting love into action like the Clinic was able to do with Brenda, saying, “We’re known for our opinions; we’re remembered for our love.”

img_4471During the event, many of our guests enjoyed the photo booth we set up–you can see a few of those photos below!

img_4367 img_4365img_4361 img_4360 img_4355 img_4352ย img_4341 img_4339 img_4334 img_4328If you’d like to make a donation to the Clinic to support justice in your community, please do so here.