Fare Thee Well, February!


This month, we learned more about the role of the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and met a refugee client with a debilitating brain disorder that left him deeply in medical debt. We also had an opportunity to share with all of our supporters, clients, volunteers, and donors just how much we appreciate them in a heartfelt Valentine’s Day post!

As we move out of February, the Clinic is again taking part in Brackets For Good, a competitive-giving March-Madness-style tournament. For Round 1, the Clinic is up against FACE Low Cost Animal Clinic. The match-up has one of our attorneys particularly nervous in a brand-new video.

If you’d like to help #TeamJustice move into the next round, please consider making a donation here by 7:59:59 PM on Friday, March 3rd!

Be sure to peruse our new website, and to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all the latest tourney updates!

Check back in later this month when we release our first Courting Justice podcast of the year on Tax related issues and scams, featuring one of our staff attorneys and a special guest from the Attorney General’s office.

Until then, fare thee well, February!