Meet Our Summer Interns!

Alexis Bullock

Alexis Bullock found the Clinic through Career Services at Franklin College, where she’ll enter her senior year in the fall. “I love the intersection of nonprofit work with legal services,” she says. This summer, she’ll be assisting Project GRACE and loves having the chance to connect the work she wants to do with her faith. “There’s so much more that the Clinic does for this community that I didn’t even know about and I’m really excited to help,” she says. One of the things Alexis appreciates most about the Clinic is how it subverts common negative stereotypes regarding lawyers. “You combine doing really heavy emotional work with a really good group of people,” she says, “And that makes it worth it.”


Kenny Kimbel

Kenny Kimbel first interned at the Clinic last summer. This year, he’s returning to work with our Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC), after which he will enter his third year of Law School. “I’m receiving two degrees next spring. The JD and a Master’s in Cyber Security,” he says. “My background is computer programming, so I’m advanced in Excel and I used to do a bunch of consulting in software development.” He is now building applications related to Tax Law and wants to continue to build and develop applications that will be used in relation to legal services. This summer, he’ll be assisting the LITC by correcting problems that come up on tax forms and he hopes to work some cases from start to finish again. “I’m just happy to get back to work with the Tax team,” says Kenny.


Jake Hanawalt

Jake Hanawalt will be a senior at Purdue University this coming year with a major in Law & Society and minors in history and Spanish. This summer, he will be assisting both our Housing Department and Project GRACE. Although he comes from a family that largely consists of teachers and engineers, Jake chose to veer off of that path thanks to his high school Government teacher. As part of the class, he participated in a mock court. “It was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had academically,” says Jake. “Getting to go through a mock court and actually look at a case really excited me, and I liked that it had a connection to the professional world.”


David Medley

David Medley, a student at Maurer School of Law at IU Bloomington, will be assisting the Clinic this summer both with Project GRACE and the Immigration Department. The dual nature of the internship is particularly ideal to David. “It was really good fortune that I got here because of the project I’ll be doing at Maurer in the fall, which will be to recreate the Project GRACE Help Desk,” he says. Also, as a first-generation American whose father is from Germany, David hopes to pursue Immigration Law and is already pleased with the experience he’s getting. “Everyone here is way too friendly,” he says. “I was expecting a Law Office to have a bunch of people in black suits telling me to get them Starbucks. But this is the perfect 1L experience.”


John Millikan

John Millikan will be starting his second year at IU McKinney School of Law in the fall. This summer, he’ll be assisting the Consumer Justice Program, which he finds to be a perfect fit for him. “Matt, my supervisor, kind of dabbles in a little bit of everything,” he says. “And I don’t really know what area of the Law I want to work in yet, so it’s perfect for me to get my feet wet.” Before going to Law School, John worked for six years as a sports writer, when he decided to pursue a new path. As a Christian, he is particularly excited to intern for the Clinic. “I want to see how the Law and faith can blend together and how you can be a lawyer while balancing your Christian morals and values,” he says.

Manny Gallegos

Manny Gallegos is no stranger to the Clinic. This is his second year as an intern, and his mother works on staff as an Immigrant Advocate. Manny will be a senior in high school this fall and he’s excited to build on the skills he gained last summer. “I learned about my strengths and weaknesses,” he says. “I learned that I can understand how to help immigrants with legal representation and I want to expand on that knowledge.” Last summer, Manny assisted with completing various Immigration forms. This year, he wants to focus more on understanding the Law behind the forms. Manny is grateful to his mother for introducing him to this field, but that doesn’t mean she’ll go easy on him. “This year, she told me she’ll be ten times harder on me,” he says with a laugh.

Maria Matney

Maria Matney will be a senior at IU this fall and is a double major in Psychology and Sociology with a Spanish minor. At this point, she is uncertain if she wants to go to Law School or not. “That’s kind of why I’m here this summer,” she says. “To see if Law School is something I’m interested in.” This past year, she studied abroad in Ecuador and sought an opportunity where she could use and improve her Spanish skills.ย For her internship this summer, she’ll be able to do that while assisting the Victim Justice Program. “I’m most excited about hearing people’s stories and trying to help them,” she says. “Immigration has always been this thing I never really knew much about–an abstract concept. Now, it feels much more concrete.”

Sergio Gonzalez

Sergio Gonzalez will be a senior at IU this fall. One of his professors recommended he seek out an internship in the legal field, since he would like to attend Law School in the future. This summer, Sergio will be assisting the Immigrant Justice Program and he finds this to be a natural fit. “Both of my parents are immigrants,” he says. “Through their lens, I see how sometimes immigrants are treated unfairly, and so I want to stand up against that.” Sergio is especially excited to work with those who are low-income or who don’t understand the language or the legal system. “My parents are both currently seeking citizenship, but since I was 10 years old, I’ve translated documents that would come in the mail, like from the City Council,” he says. “I’ve been doing this my whole life.”