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Brackets For Good & Fundraising Madness — Courting Justice Podcast Episode 2×02

According to Brackets For Good co-founder, Matt Duncan, fundraising should be fun! How has the Indianapolis-based charitable organization helped to transform the landscape of nonprofit fundraising? What role does innovation play in the future of fundraising?

Immigration & Refugees — Courting Justice Podcast Episode 1×03 Part 1

What exactly is a refugee? What kinds of screening processes do refugees undergo before entering the United States? What barriers do they typically face and what kinds of services are available to help them integrate into our community?

Join host Ashley Caveda for Part 1 of our special two-part series on Immigration and Refugees. She discusses common questions and misconceptions regarding refugees with Director of Outreach & Immigration Services at Exodus Refugee Megan Hochbein and Immigrant Justice Program Staff Attorney Rachel VanTyle.

What is Justice? — Courting Justice Podcast Episode 1×01

What is Justice? Who has access to it? What are the community-wide financial and emotional repercussions when Justice is not served?

Join host Ashley Caveda as she discusses these questions, the Clinic’s most memorable clients, and more with current Executive Director Chris Purnell and founder and former Executive Director Abby Kuzma.

Farewell, February!

We’ve got some exciting things coming up for the rest of Brackets for Good and for the month of March. Be sure to check in with the blog next week when we release the first episode of the Clinic’s new podcast, Courting Justice! If you have legal questions or thoughts on things you’d like to learn more about, please follow us on Twitter @NCLegalClinic and use the hashtag #CourtingJustice to send us your comments and questions!

Brackets For Good Video: Justice Hoops Edition

Isaac and Ashley get pumped up for #BFG16 by shooting some Justice Hoops! For Round 1, we’re matched up against Fight For Life Foundation. This round ends at 8PM on Friday, March 4th. Please help us advance to Round 2 by donating now:

For all the latest tourney updates, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @NCLegalClinic

Abundant Year, Abundant Life

This blog will also go through some exciting changes in the coming year. We will start by honing in on the many different facets of the Lord’s Abundance. This January, we’re thankful for Abundant Life.

Join us next month as we focus on Abundant Love and as we launch our first-ever podcast!

Homelessness in Indianapolis Part 3

Part 3 looks to the future of Indianapolis–where are we headed as a city in terms of providing services to those experiencing homelessness? Where do we hope to be? What will it take to make that vision a reality and what are the potential pitfalls?

Homelessness in Indianapolis Part 1

This holiday season, Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic presents a new video series on homelessness in Indianapolis, highlighting various partners and the work we’re doing together to give hope to our city’s most vulnerable populations.

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